One thing i find out if you want to move your blog to WordPress, the first thing you should do is finding the right domain hosting. I use Dreamhost because from my point of view, it’s just better than anyone in the market. Then, before you decide to move the blog, choose a template. It’s a hard part.Unlike Blogger, WordPress theme market is super huge (you can check the theme market at the official site here or make a Google search for it). So, after experiencing weeks of confusion of choosing themes for my first self-hosted WordPress blog, i started this blog and my Manchester United blog by first find the right theme.

In general, WordPress themes can be divided into 3 categories. First, free themes which i use for my earlier blogs. Second, premium theme, that is a theme that you should pay to use while other people can also use. Third, custom template theme. For this blog, i use the second option.

The second option usually cost from $15-$100 for a single license theme while the custom template could cost $250 – up. Because of my lack of html/css coding knowledge, i waste most of my time configuring codes and browse into user forums instead of writing posts. So, i decided to buy a theme that in the end i can ask the designer for assistance configuring. I started searching for the most fit theme for me, design and price wise. Until i found this template from Armen Thomassian.

Armen is a young passionate designer from the UK who create this theme for charity. My family have monthly donation plan, so i figure that i can use this cool well designed theme by donating a very small amount of money and being a part of the charity. Well, what a good deal!

So i pay for the charity, contacted the nice guy Armen, then he send me the template file. If you see his blog, i copy almost all element from his blog to customize this theme. I am sorry, because i don’t know other way to do it. But i will try to figure out my own style later.

Anyhow, if you plan to buy a cheap WordPress theme with a good cause, you can check out Armen’s theme here, see the template (also available in 1 & 2 sidebar options), and read the cause. It’s great deal. You can donate for a good cause and get a cool well designed WordPress theme.

Happy WordPressing!

Update (Jan 6): I also say goodbye to Blogrush because apparently it’s useless.

It’s moved out from Blogger to WordPress. New year, new host, new cool template.

More on this later. It’s not finished customized as yet but i am now too tired and it’s late already here in Bali. I’m joining my wife and kid at bed.

Talk to you again soon.

This has been on my mind for several days now. A simple rule that the cheaps will never understand:

If you wish for a Return on Investment, the first thing you need to do is to invest.

Before the party begin, please don’t drink and drive. Be safe.

Happy New Year everyone, let’s just believe that all the best has yet to come.

This is the coolest New Year’s wise words i’ve ever heard:

“How many a year has passed and gone and many gamble has been lost and won, and many a road taken by a friend and each one I’ve never seen again.’

-Bob Dylan-

Before the party begin, please don’t drink & drive. Be Safe.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Wallet-MP3, a USB flash drive-based MP3 player, is the thinnest MP3 player in the world and the world’s 1st wallet friendly credit card sized MP3 Player!

Made of double laminated unbreakable plastic, it combines a great music center in a thin body, easily connects to your PC for uploading and exchanging MP3 files while the battery is recharged – all on a chic and durable platform.


The Credit card sized and the waterproof quality of Wallet-MP3 player are making it the ultimate portable MP3 player.


Product page here, find this via CoolBuzz.

From the product page:

Drumshhh™ are pre-cut, self-adhesive, foam-backed felt pads that attach to the face of Rock Band™ drum heads to reduce the drumstick noise.

Drumshhh™ pads offer:
– High-quality materials – we buy quality EVA foam and synthetic felt from commercial suppliers, not just from the local craft store.
– Felt screened for thickness, color, and defects – we reject felt that is too thin (a problem especially with craft-store felt), that has inconsistent color, or that has surface defects. If we wouldn’t want it on our drums, we won’t use it for yours.
– Cutting equipment modified for consistent, clean cuts – after testing off-the-shelf circle cutters from craft stores, we decided we needed a better way to cut consistent, clean circles every time. Our cutters have been modified to ensure precise sizing in thicker materials with a minimum of shredding. Felt being felt, some stray hairs are expected, but our results now are much better than when we tried basic craft-store cutters.
– Quality control – as mentioned above, we check our felt before using it, and then we check again before assembly to trim off stray hairs, and then we check a third time before shipment to be sure the layers are attached and aligned properly.

Here’s how Drumshhh™ Full-size black, for the “pro look”:


You can get yours here.

Via CoolBuzz.

I am not American nor Republicans and am not trying to put politics into Rockstar Pundit. But i do think Angels and Airwaves has yet again done their homework. The band yet again put a great song and video that touching my heart.

I think this is an ok video. Touchy. There’s always hope. Check it out.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″][/youtube]

Be careful if you find a cool digital download deals for your Ipod, Zune or any digital music players. You can find anything by using search engine that can lead you to these ‘harmful site’. If you want to buy digital music, i suggest to buy from well known name & reputation like Amazon, ITunes, Napster or Emusic (contain affiliate link).

For complete list of the warning list, you can check out Center for Democracy and Technology’s site.

Via Our Digital Music.